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Author Interview with Maeve Greyson

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Happy Monday to all. To brighten the start of your week, here is a chat with marvelous Maeve! As with the other authors, I've found books to add to my to-read list. I feel like I haven't done my due diligence as a reader this year; there are so many things I've yet to discover.

If you're a fan of her Tait, I think you'll be very interested in her contribution to O Night Divine. Order your copy if you haven't! It's almost December, and it will be released before you know it...


Do you have a certain quirk in your writing process?

Well… I’m not sure. What seems normal to me might be quirky to others! Here’s a few that might count as a bit "unique". Words come easier for me first thing in the morning before the reality of the day has a chance to muddle my thoughts. I always have both a cup of coffee and a bottle Perrier sparkling water at my side while writing. I place both drinks in the upper right drawer of my desk. That way, if I knock them over, I don’t drown my laptop. I only fill up the drawer! And yes. I have done that. Several times. *sigh*

From all your books, who is your favorite hero and why?

Oh my. That’s like asking me which child is my favorite. I’m not sure how to choose! I guess my favorites tend to change depending on which hero’s story I’m telling at the time. I just finished visiting with Sutherland MacCoinnich from The Bard. I loved him because he met his match with Sorcha—and fully embraced it.

Outside of your own genre, what’s your favorite genre?

Science fiction. I grew up watching Star Trek, loved The Jetsons, and Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter of Mars series is one of my favorites.

[WB: I'm an enormous fan of sci-fi, too! I've fallen out with most fantasy, but still have my childhood love of science fiction.]

What are your favorite winter traditions?

Every year, usually a couple of weeks before Christmas, we have Cookie and Craft Day at our house. Both daughters, our grandchildren, and sometimes our sons-in-law, all gather together, and we completely coat the kitchen, dining room, and sometimes living room with sugar, flour, icing, sprinkles, glue, and glitter while making the most wondrous Christmas creations and singing Christmas carols. That day is my favorite Christmas present of them all.

[WB: This sounds chaotic and fabulous... I like glitter and cookies...]

How do you feel about Dickens, really? (It’s okay to dislike him.)

Love him! A Christmas Carol is a traditional tale at my house. My favorite version is “Scrooged” with Bill Murray. My husband’s favorite version is “Mister Magoo’s Christmas Carol”.

What inspired you to write your O Night Divine story?

Readers had been begging me to write Tait Mackenzie’s story. As soon as I heard the call for this wonderful boxed set, I knew it was Tait’s time!

If you could say something kind to reassure people this season, what would it be?

This too shall pass. You’ve made it this far. You can do it. Just conquer one moment, one minute at a time. You are an overcomer.

If you absolutely had to meet the ghost of Christmas Past, Future, or Present, which would you choose?

Christmas Past. I already know what he’d have in store for me. I conquered it once. I’m sure I could conquer it again.

If your contribution is a lead-in to another series or novel, please describe the ensuing series or book here. (Include any pertinent links!)

My contribution, A Yuletide Yearning, is about Tait Mackenzie from The Warrior – Book Two of my Highland Heroes Series.


Thank you, Maeve, for answering these! I'm excited to read A Yuletide Yearning. I'm sure your present readers, as well as new ones, will love it.


x Whitney

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