A check-in for the New Year, with excess gifs

Good morning, gentle readers!

It hasn't been as long as I think, but I want to be more disciplined about blogging. I quite like it, and since I don't enjoy live chats or Facebook, it's my primary means of talking to you.

Right now, I'm trying to finish Duke of Silence, which is dreadfully off-deadline. I mean, it isn't now that I've arranged new ones! But if everything had gone to plan last year, I would have presented you with all six Dukes of Destiny books.

As we all know, almost nothing about last year went to plan. For anyone. Anywhere.

So, I'm trying to take it on the nose and uproot my perfectionist tendencies. The book wasn't ready for you to see, and it was far better to wait until it was. Crucially, I wasn't ready. It wasn't that I "didn't feel like writing" (I write every day)... it was honestly, fully, entirely my mind and body forcing me to slow down. It didn't matter how motivated or enamored I was; I had to tend to other things, including other responsibilities and my physical health. I do have work besides writing, and I value it, too. I also have a family.

All of that to say, I actually needed to write the two December-release novellas when I did. They saved me from burnout. I know that not everyone prefers to read or write them, but I love novellas and they suit my storytelling style! Even my novels tend to be a little shorter than many other Regency books, which is neither good nor bad. And it isn't a sign of laziness, so if you're an author who naturally writes shorter novels, I see you, friend.

Anyway, look for Duke of Silence in March.

In addition to that, my loose schedule for 2021 is:

  • "Games of Skill," a three-book series taking place after The Lyon's Den in Winter. It's a Regency series with Scottish flair, and it focuses on the Black family. Duncan and Viola's book is the first one, Malcolm gets his happily ever after in Book Two, and Jax is the hero of Book Three. I am... so excited. I'm also so thankful that they've found a home with Dragonblade Publishing.

Ghost of the Devil’s Glen (Book One) – May 2021

Charmer of the Country Glen (Book Two) – July 2021

Rogue of the Desolate Glen (Book Three) – September 2021

  • Many of you have been clamoring for this! Paul finally gets a book! I believe I'll be self-publishing it under a slightly different name (nothing too exciting, most likely just W. Blake for marketing purposes). There are a couple of reasons, but I'll save them for another post. If I manage to pull things off the way I'd like, Paul's story should be out in spring.

  • A Halloween novella that will be released in, you guessed it, October. This will be part of a collective Dragonblade venture much like O Night Divine. We're all thrilled to do another anthology... but this time, devoted to Halloween ghost stories of the British Isles!

There you have it.

I think it's going to be one helluva year, as they say. Thank you for coming along with me! Let me know your thoughts. Any questions about character arcs? My plans for Paul? Want to know my favorite kind of tea? I'm not shy.

x Whitney

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