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This is the home of Whitney Blake, USA Today Bestselling, RONE-nominated novelist & purveyor of warm, unexpected happily ever afters. Glad you're here!



Whitney is a wanderer and bluestocking, as well as a quiet contrarian. They have been telling stories since early childhood and wear many hats.

They also write Historical Paranormal Romance as Camille Duplessis. (Be sure to check back soon for more on Camille's ventures! But for now, you can follow them on their Facebook page.)


What Reviewers Say...

Whitney has never let us down yet, the story just gets better as it goes along. Intriguing storyline, excellent characters and addictive reading.

This was such a good book to read that I was sorry when it came to an end. I enjoyed every chapter.

I loved these two flawed characters, and the slow unfolding of their journey in this clean, but not staid, story. Their fears, pride, confusion, and humility are so real, believable and relatable that you can't help but cheer them on.




The Dauntless Boy


Francis Gold is haunted by a persistent, wailing specter who smells of rosewater, so he leads a secluded life in a house that’s more like his own mausoleum.

When his loyal, lone manservant asks him to hire a maid, Francis reluctantly agrees with one condition: she should never venture above the ground floor.

The inquisitive new maid doesn’t heed his instructions.

One night, she finds Francis sleepwalking abovestairs and he gains an enchanting, truculent ally. If he is resolute enough, he may find solace and love after years of agitated, self-imposed isolation.

But there’s still the matter of that sweet-smelling specter: local rumor says she’s a murdered maid, and one of the Gold patriarchs did it…

Dukes of Destiny

Duke of Havoc

A pragmatic governess goes toe to toe with a rakish military tactician.

Duke of Havoc was a 2019 RONE award nominee.

Duke of Sorrow

A disfigured duke and a mysterious woman discover that love is where you least expect to find it.

Duke of Disgrace

A secretary doesn’t count on falling in love with her employer and raising the ire of his unfaithful lady wife.

Duke of Misfortune

A younger son with a secret identity suddenly inherits a title, but he's desperately in need of an heiress.

*If you liked Duke of Misfortune, be sure to read Charles' story, A Strange Christmas Game (included in the 2020 anthology O Night Divine).



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